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There is a great deal suggested in the media about how to make your home look its best when selling. Much of the advice out there can be over dramatic and often involves expensive and time consuming work. Whilst presentation is extremely important we believe that it is the basics that generally warrant time and attention.
Generally a viewer will be looking at your property because they like its location and style. Once the viewing is underway it is important to impress rather than disappoint. Therefore ensure that items are put away in their proper place, the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and free of clutter, gardens are kept in check and that it is easy to see everything and to move around. It is worth ensuring that the viewer can park easily on the drive or outside the property. It is always worth moving your own vehicles if space is tight to allow the viewer to park easily without stress. 
If possible ensure that a property is never too cold or too hot for a viewing. It is worth the cost of keeping the heating set to a comfortable level during the winter and well ventilated and cool in the summer.
Often with an empty property we will pop round to turn the heating up the evening before a viewing to ensure that the property not only looks its best but also feels its best during viewings.
The old adage of baking bread and coffee on the brew is just that but fresh clean smells will never go amiss. Animal and strong cooking odours are particular turn offs and should be avoided at all costs so pay attention to your beloved pets or the timing of your haute cuisine cooking.
All this is vital to get right not only before any viewings commence but also before any photographs are taken for marketing. The photos are important as they provide a significant first impression and can help form the basis as to whether a viewing takes place or not.
I will always take time to work with clients to help and guide them through the often minor improvements that can be made to give their property added advantages in the market.

"Probably the most genuine and trust worthy estate agent I have dealt with in years ! Its truly refreshing to see your commitment to understand the customer and work flexibly throughout the process. Thank you !"
Mr B of Gerrards Cross