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As soon as they are instructed solicitors should send out standard forms for clients to complete at the start of each transaction. The forms come with the caveat that if you do not know something it is better to say so rather than guess as any buyer will be relying on the replies given and a misleading reply can be deemed as misrepresentation.

I always suggest that you ensure that all the documentation relating to the property is all present and correct.  Your solicitor will particularly need to know about any alterations and improvements and a supporting document trail will need to be shown.

Examples may be:

•Details of any planning permissions and compliance with any conditions.

•Building regulation consents and certificates of completion.

•FENSA certificates for replacement windows

•Competent trades certificates such as CORGI, Gas Safe and electrical certificates.

These are to demonstrate that a qualified contractor has completed any gas and electrical works to the requisite standards.

Do not worry if any such documents cannot be found as duplicates can sometimes be obtained or an indemnity insurance policy may be available. Your solicitor will be well placed to advise on such matters and it is better to discuss it with them sooner rather than later.

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